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Hi, I'm Carrie.


I believe that the body is sacred and worthy of respect, and I honor the courage it takes to be embodied on Earth fully, right now.

Before I started practicing energy work and bodywork, I was a homebirth midwife.  Even though I don't catch babies anymore, years of being immersed in the holy energy of birth informs all the work that I do.

I am here to facilitate the process of incarnation and the anchoring of soul and spirit on this material plane. My tools now are touch, sound, prayer, breath, presence and deep listening.

Oceania is the name of my massage studio/healing space/temple.  It's located on magical land in the woods of Chatham county, NC.  The work that happens here is a collaboration, done in relationship with the beings that inhabit this place, and with the land herself.  I have found that people are able to go deep and make profound shifts in large part because we are held in this beautifully coherent and vibrant web of nature.  It's my pleasure to invite you into this space for healing and restoration.  

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