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One-on-One Sessions

Bodywork and Sound Healing

90 minutes $150

120 minutes $200


My style of bodywork is rooted in the teachings and form of Sacred Lomi, an ancient and living healing practice.  It includes tending the physical body with massage with while also honoring and welcoming the non-physical parts of ourselves.  In conjunction with the bodywork, I simultaneously use vocal toning. Vocal toning is a powerful vibrational medicine that facilitates a healing state of consciousness that complements and enhances healing touch.

Sound Healing over the phone

30 minutes $50

These sessions are quick but effective. We'll talk for a few minutes at the beginning so we can get clear on what's asking to be tended. Then I do vocal toning to move the energy.  We'll have time at the end for sharing intuitive information.


Overnight at Oceania

90 minute bodywork and sound healing session

+overnight stay in Oceania $300


This is an opportunity to go deep and stay in a healing and restorative state, in sacred space.  We do a bodywork and sound healing session at 4pm and then I put away the massage table and pull out the Murphy bed for you. You are free to soak in the bathtub, walk the extensive trails in the surrounding woods on this land, take a sauna, journal, pull out a yoga mat, stargaze, moonbathe, rest and just be. 


Please bring your own food for dinner and breakfast. 

Check out time is 11am.  

More info about amenities is on the Oceania page.


Immersive Healing

 90 minute bodywork and sound healing session +overnight stay at Oceania +2.5 hours of co-woven therapeutic experience



I created the immersion to provide a container for people who want to experience additional forms of therapeutic journeying and healing with me and with this land. This is a co-created container and we can use it for visioning, mentoring, or going deeper into the healing that's already in process. (Usually it's all of the above!) 


The immersion starts with a 90 minute bodywork and sound healing session and an overnight stay at Oceania. Mid-morning on the following day, we will come back together and spend about 2.5 hours in ritual space.


This is a time of deep listening to the energy, and so we may not know ahead of time the exact form it will take.  It might include toning together, walking in the woods, sacred movement, altar building, water ceremony, pulling cards, time at the fire pit. 


After our time together, you will have space to yourself to listen to what you need: a bath, a nap, a wander, journaling. Every process is different. 


Please bring your own food for dinner, breakfast, lunch and snacks.

Check out time is 3pm

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